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The 2024 NBA Draft significantly altered the landscape of several teams, with rookies poised to make an immediate impact. Each team made moves intended to address their needs, improve their rosters, and set themselves up for future success. Here’s a detailed breakdown and grades for every team based on their draft decisions.

Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks made strategic decisions during the draft. They focused on adding depth to their roster and selecting players who could contribute immediately.

  • First Round Pick: In the first round, the Hawks selected a promising forward who has shown exceptional defensive skills and the ability to score efficiently.
  • Second Round Focus: They chose a backup point guard with notable playmaking abilities and a solid defensive presence.
  • Overall Grade: B+

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics aimed to strengthen their bench and address some of the gaps in their rotation.

  • First Round Choice: The Celtics picked a versatile guard known for his three-point shooting and defensive tenacity.
  • Trade Moves: Boston also traded for additional future picks and a young center with potential to develop under their system.
  • Overall Grade: A-

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls needed to focus on bolstering their frontcourt and adding more talent to support their star players.

  • Top Pick: Their key pick was a dynamic forward who excels in rebounding and has a high basketball IQ.
  • Development Projects: They also picked a couple of raw but high-ceiling prospects aimed at future growth.
  • Overall Grade: B

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers must bolster their squad with young and athletic talent to ensure continued success.

  • First Round Sensation: The Lakers grabbed an explosive shooting guard, known for his scoring prowess and ability to light up the scoreboard.
  • Second Round Steal: They also drafted a center with great potential to become a key contributor off the bench.
  • Overall Grade: A

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat centered their draft strategy around adding versatile players who can fit their system well.

  • First Round Talent: Miami picked a guard who can play multiple positions and has excellent defensive instincts.
  • Young Talent: They also selected a forward known for his energy and potential on both ends of the floor.
  • Overall Grade: B+

Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors aimed to inject youth and energy into their lineup, complementing their star-studded roster.

  • Dynamic Guard: Their primary selection was a guard with explosive speed and scoring ability.
  • Versatile Forward: They also chose a forward known for his ability to stretch the floor and his defensive versatility.
  • Overall Grade: B+

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